Google Notebook

Remember that great article you found on the web last week? Don’t you wish you could find it again? If you were using Google Notebook, you could have it right at your fingertips, along with any notes that you might want to make about the article. Our Google experts cover all the articles, tips and tricks to learn how to use Google Notebook to keep all of your information together and accessible. You’ll be a Google Notebook Power User in no time reading up on the available Google Notebook tips.

What’s Happening to Google Notebook and Desktop

Google discontinued Google Notebook and Google Desktop as part of a “fall/spring clean” in 2011. Google has always been known for working on a large number of products at once. Notebook and Desktop fell by the wayside as Google continued to focus on a smaller number of more polished products.

Google Notebooks Project Management

Google Notebooks is a free online notebook, similar to Microroft One Note. With virtual notebooks you can keep track of everything you have going on in life. The handy browser plug-in lets you take note of websites that are important. Learn how to use this to better manage your projects.

How to Share Your Google Notebook with Others

Another neat feature of Google Notebook is it allows you to share notes and clips with other people, via email, which allows you and your colleagues or friends to collaborate on a document. Also it allows you to publish a note as a web page so everyone can view it!