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  • The Best Mobile Carrier Might Just Be Google’s Project Fi

    Although the name sounds somewhat silly, Google’s Project Fi aims to save you money and reduce the complexity of mobile carrier plans. With a supported phone you can easily make the switch, but is it right for you? Read on to find out.
    By Ryan Tetzlaff August 5, 2016 

  • Oracle vs. Google – The Case of Stolen Intellectual Property

    Oracle is suing Google over the alleged theft of their intellectual property. Google is accused of stealing several thousand lines of Java code. What is this case about and what is the potential impact to Google if they lose?
    By Ryan Tetzlaff July 21, 2016 

  • Simplify Keeping Up on Financial News With Google

    The power of Google goes beyond searching for websites - Google News can deliver the most precise, up-to-date and vital business and financial news available to your browser or email account.
    By Christian Cawley August 27, 2011 

  • Google News How-To Guide

    Google’s News Service allows you to get news that is tailored to your specific interests. It allows you to create news sections from your searches and then mix these up with standard sections from Google news portal. Here we discuss how you can...
    By Arnold Zafra June 27, 2011 

  • What Is Google News

    When looking to read the news online, you have numerous options and places to pick from. However, one of the best places that gathers all the latest and most current news is located right within the search engine you use everyday.
    By Nicholas July 21, 2009 
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