Google Maps

Ever had to draw a map for your customers, friends, or family? If you have, you know that helping people find you isn’t always easy. Google Maps brings a new facet to location technology. Use this powerful tool to easily direct anyone to a specific point, find locations, and get adresses and directions to anything from the airport to your friend’s new apartment. Read articles, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Google Maps.

Google Earth Topographic Maps

Google Earth lets users fly around the world, exploring the globe from a computer. Although fun to play with, Google Earth provides tools for productivity. Here we look at how to use topographic maps that make Google Earth useful for many occupations and studies.

Google Maps API: An Overview of the Features

Putting a map on your website helps customers find your business, but who wants to make a map from scratch. By using this Google Maps API tutorial, you can learn how to embed high quality maps on your website.

Solving Common Google Maps Problems

Google Maps is the popular map and direction service from the search engine giant, Google. Some users experience Google Maps problems when trying to find directions or look up local maps. Fortunately, most common problems with Google Maps are easy to solve.

Google Maps Journey Planner

Google Route Planner is a web-based application that uses current maps of countries to help you plan a journey. It’s not hard to learn to use.

Google Earth Street View Incidents

Most people think of street views as a convenience, but the objections to Google Earth street view incidents continues, and a new area of concern has hit the news. How much privacy are we willing to give up for convenience?

How to Copy Maps from Google Maps

Google Maps is a free web-based mapping service that helps users view satellite maps for free. It is very easy to copy maps from Google maps. All you need is an image editing program, preferably Microsoft Paint, and the Print Screen button of your keyboard.

Integrating Google Maps with Your Website

Google Maps is a web mapping service application that can be easily integrated into a website or blog. It is quite useful for locating an exact place and route planning. Many business websites find integrating Google Maps into their website provides a benefit for their customers.

Instructions for How to Completely Uninstall Google Earth

If you’re already using Google Earth and planning on upgrading to the latest version to take advantage of Street View or another new feature, you’ll need to uninstall your old version first. Unfortunately, this might be harder than it might at first seem…