Google Knol

What is Google Knol? Google’s new project was built to enable users share information, much like the principal behind the ever-popular Wikipedia. When wiki’s first appeared on the web, they quickly grew in popularity. Today, there’s Google Knol, which is like a wiki, but also different. Google Knol allows anyone to publish information who thinks is important on the web, quickly, and alone or as part of a collaboration project. The articles in this topic show you how to make the most out of Google Knol.

Localization of Knol and its uncertain Future

In late 2007, Google had a simple idea: create a Wikipedia-style website with strong localized influence and power it with advertising. A Unit of Knowledge or Knol was born in July 2008. Nearly three years later, is anyone the wiser?

A Google Knol Review: What is Google Knol?

Google Knol is an online database for any kind of publications contributed by users with a Google account. This is a Google Knol review that looks at the good side and the downside of the services and features offered.