Google Knol

  • Localization of Knol, an uncertain Future for Google’s Unit of Knowledge

    In late 2007, Google had a simple idea: create a Wikipedia-style website with strong localized influence and power it with advertising. A Unit of Knowledge or Knol was born in July 2008. Nearly three years later, is anyone the wiser?
    By Gina Austin April 22, 2011 

  • Online Publication Database Review: Google Knol

    Google Knol is an online database for any kind of publications contributed by users with a Google account. This is a Google Knol review that looks at the good side and the downside of the services and features offered.
    By Kristina Dems November 15, 2010 

  • Why Use Google Knol

    You may be wondering, why would someone want to write for Google Knol? Google will gain exposure for your work, and your article will be published on a Google site. The answer is that publishing an article on Google Knol can have many indirect benefits...
    By Nicholas October 28, 2009 

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