Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets add fuctionalilty to your current Google services. Learn how to use gadgets, and how to sort through the thousands of cool gadgets to find the ones you want. Don’t want to wade through pages of Google Gadgets? Let us highlight the best ones for you!

Google Gadget to Show a Published Internet Calendar

Google Gadgets has many types of internet calendars, also known as online calendars, that you can use to publish on your blogs and websites. This article will talk about the various types of internet calendars that you can use in Blogger, and how you can quickly publish one to your blog.

Installing and Using Google Language Translator Toolbar

Ever need to translate non-English websites into English? With the Google Translator toolbar, you never even have to go back to the Google translate website to translate website content. The toolbar can translate a webpage into a different language with a click of a mouse.

Top 10 Google Gadgets and Widgets for your Desktop

Google desktop gadgets are interactive mini-applications that you can place anywhere on your desktop, or docked in the Sidebar. These gadgets show new email, weather, photos, and personalized news. Here we give you the top ten Google desktop gadgets and widgets that you may want to install.

Google Toolbar vs. Yahoo Toolbar

Popular web browser toolbars include Alexa, AOL, Google, MSN, Wikipedia, Windows Live, and Yahoo!. Out of these, Google and Yahoo definitely stand out. This article compares both of the giant search engine’s toolbars.

Google Gadgest to Use

You know about Google Gadgets and what you can do with them. But which ones should you consider adding? Here’s a handful of the most useful gadgets to enhance your Google experience.