Google Docs

Create, manage, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online with Google Docs. The articles and tips in this section teach you how to use the program to it’s fullest capacity. From basic, getting-started articles to projects for advanced users, the Google Docs section shows you everything you need to know to kick Microsoft Office and other productivity suites to the curb.

Use Goole Docs to Track Your Checkbook

Do you keep your checkbook records on computer? Ever wish you could access those records from anywhere? Now you can. Google Spreadsheets makes it easy to use a register template to track your checkbook, store it online and access it from anywhere

Creating Web Forms with Google Spreadsheets

Ever needed to gather a bit of information via a web form but you either don’t have the time or the programming knowledge? You can now use Google Spreadsheets to create web forms in no time at all.

How to Use Google Docs Offline with the Google Gears Feature

Now you don’t have to worry about losing your work on Google Docs if your Internet connection fails. With offline mode in Google Docs, you can work on your documents online or offline without worrying about saving your work, as Google Gears saves it for you. Learn about offline mode and its features

How to Add Users to Google Docs for Real-time Collaboration

Google Docs allows users to work on the same document at the same time from different places. Equip yourself with the tools provided by Google Docs to edit documents in a whole new way! Learn how to add users to a single document so all users can work simultaneously but from different locations.

How to Collaborate on Google Docs with Multiple Users

Ever wish there was easier way to work on a document which required input from different people without the hassle of saving documents, emails and oh, the long frustrating wait? Well, read on to find an amazingly simple solution to your collaborating problems using Google Docs!

Google Docs: Importing and Exporting

Taking a long trip somewhere without your Desktop, and you’re writing a report? Using Openoffice for your presentation needs, and it all opens into gibberish? Plainly having trouble finishing those Tax Forms? Use Google Docs to upload your precious documents to it’s system. Export them as you like!

Creating graphs in Google Spreadsheets

Many people find a bar or pie graph helpful in interpreting data. With Google Spreadsheets, you can add bar or pie graphs, and even scatter and line graphs with just a few clicks.

Sharing A Document in Google Docs

You already know that Google Docs makes it easy to share documents from the main document page, but did you know Google gives you lots of ways to share a single document from the editing page?

Sharing Spreadsheets in Google Docs

Google Docs has some cool sharing and communication features within its Spreadsheets program. Collaboration, viewing, auto publishing to the web, and in spreadsheet messaging make Spreadsheets the best program for anything you’d use a simple spreadsheet for.

Google Docs: Sharing Documents

Google docs makes collaborating on projects simple. With just a few clicks, you can share your document with the whole team. Collaborators can even work on projects at the same time, saving everyone time and effort. Whether you’re using Docs, Spreadsheets or Presenta