Google Desktop

Some of those that are not familiar with all of Google’s tools ask ‘what is Google Desktop and why would I use it?’ Simply put, Google offers a desktop application allows immediate access to Google applications and widgets right from your desktop such as Search. It’s never been easier to manage and keep track of your favorite application and features. Google Desktop also integrates with your computer to search files and folders on your computer, which lets you search for those hard to find files faster than ever. Read the available articles and tips on how to use Google Desktop to turn your computer’s desktop into and online experience.

Google Desktop Review

If you love the way Google search works, and fancy converting your desktop into a powerful search engine, Google Desktop is the ultimate solution. Here’s a brief review of the Google Desktop listing the capabilities of this cool application and showing the way it works.

Google Desktop Gadgets

Installing Google Desktop gadgets is easy and fun for any Google fanatic. Google Desktop gadgets allow you to view the time in another country, make Twitter updates, and more, all from your desktop.

Learn How to Create and Use Forms in Google Spreadsheets.

Google Docs makes it easy to survey large groups of people. Create your survey, and then distribute it by email or Web. Google Docs automatically logs data into a spreadsheet. You can then easily track who has answered and what they’ve said. Optional fields ensure recipients can remain anonymous.