Google Desktop

  • Put Your Favorite Online Services on Your Desktop

    Google Desktop is an excellent platform for quick offline interaction with your online services. Find out how to properly set up the platform and add a Google Calendar gadget.
    By Daniel Kolobaric June 14, 2011 

  • Configuring Alerts for Google Desktop

    Google Desktop is a power (almost-) software suite. Especially in Windows, the sidebar makes a great impact. Its integrated feature for presenting gadget alerts can make your life considerably easier. Find out here how to properly configure them...
    By Daniel Kolobaric June 3, 2011 

  • Review of Google Desktop

    If you love the way Google search works, and fancy converting your desktop into a powerful search engine, Google Desktop is the ultimate solution. Here's a brief review of the Google Desktop listing the capabilities of this cool application and showing...
    By Om Thoke May 29, 2010 

  • Be More Productive with Google Gadgets

    Installing Google Desktop gadgets is easy and fun for any Google fanatic. Google Desktop gadgets allow you to view the time in another country, make Twitter updates, and more, all from your desktop.
    By Camesha White March 29, 2010 

  • Getting Google Desktop Search Off Your PC

    Do you want to completely remove Google Desktop Search from your computer? Read on to find out how.
    By Michele McDonough January 6, 2010 

  • Google Spreadsheets: Creating and Using Forms

    Google Docs makes it easy to survey large groups of people. Create your survey, and then distribute it by email or Web. Google Docs automatically logs data into a spreadsheet. You can then easily track who has answered and what they've said. Optional...
    By YvetteDavis September 18, 2009 

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