Google Corporate

  • How to Track Packages with Google Package Tracker

    Need to know if your gift is going to make it to Grandma this holiday season? Well, you can easily do this with Google's Package Tracker feature. You can either do this from your Google Account or download a desktop application.
    By Misty Faucheux December 8, 2009 

  • Send A Free Postcard This Christmas With Google

    With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is one thing many of us have still yet to do. Get those Christmas cards mailed out. But, if you only need to send a couple of last minute cards, why not use Google. It's free and easy.
    By Nicholas December 4, 2009 

  • Google's Environmental Footprint

    Our environment is at a point of no return. Every individual must act now in their own little ways to help protect and preserve the environment we all live in. Google, despite its corporate successes, is still taking baby steps to protect the environment...
    By Arnold Zafra September 9, 2009 

  • Working for Google

    We all have different ideas of what it would be like to work for Google. Are the employees walking around in business suits, lab coats, or the pajamas they slept in last night? This article answers the burning question, “What is it like to work...
    By Camesha White July 21, 2009 

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