Google Corporate

Learn how Google spends its charity dollars, what they do the protect the envirnment, or what it's like to work for Google We delve into the inner workings of the company that is Google.

How to Add & Use Your MasterCard on Google Wallet

If you have the right MasterCard and the right phone, setting up Google Wallet to draw on your MasterCard so you can pay for purchases at stores right from your phone is easy. Even those who lack one or the other can have some of the convenience offered.

Which Was the Best Google Homepage Image: Top 10 Countdown

Google homepages are famous for attracting eyeballs, thanks to excellent artwork and creative logos created by imaginative doodlers. From the very first Burning Man doodle to the interactive Pac Man, there is no dearth of creativity shown through these Google logos.

Decoding the Google Digital Book Settlement

The Google digital book settlement seemed to pave the way toward the Google’s goal of digitizing all the books in the world. Now that a federal judge tossed the agreement, all bets are off and the promise of open information to everyone seems to have dimmed.

Googles 10 Point Business Philosophy Means Good Things for Us

Why is it Google has grown to be as large as it is? Why are they the standard to compare other search engines? This article explores Google’s Corporate Philosophy. There are ten points by which Google operates. These concepts can benefit any business seeking to grow in today’s global marketplace.

What is Google Doing to Protect the Environment

Our environment is at a point of no return. Every individual must act now in their own little ways to help protect and preserve the environment we all live in. Google, despite its corporate successes, is still taking baby steps to protect the environment. Here are three of these programs.

Whats It Like To Work For Google?

We all have different ideas of what it would be like to work for Google. Are the employees walking around in business suits, lab coats, or the pajamas they slept in last night? This article answers the burning question, “What is it like to work for Google?”