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  • How Does Google Chrome Protect You From Malware?

    Malware,or malicious software is everywhere these days. Google Chrome uses search and sandboxing technologies to add more layers to your computer security.Find out what these terms mean, and how they protect your computer.
    By YvetteDavis June 18, 2009 

  • How Does Google Chrome Protect You From Phishing?

    Phishing is the practice of trying to lure computer users to a fake website for the purpose of getting them to enter private data. Phishing has become a common tactic to steal username, passwords and credit card information. Google Chrome has built in...
    By YvetteDavis June 18, 2009 

  • Google Chrome: Setting Homepage, Start up page and Handling Passwords

    Ever wish you could save passwords for only certain websites? Ever lose your password? Google Chrome makes managing and retrieving your passwords simple.Plus, you can declare more than one homepage, and even set a separate, different start up...
    By YvetteDavis June 18, 2009 

  • What are Dynamic tabs in Google Chrome

    Dynamic tabs are one-step ahead of the tabs we normally use. With functionalities we could never have thought tabs were capable of, Google Chrome ensures once users get used to these tabs, there is no going back.
    By Airaj Fatimah January 19, 2009 

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