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  • What is Incognito Mode in Google Chrome?

    One of Google Chrome's innovative features, Incognito mode, is a new way to browse the internet - without leaving a trace. Learn how to use this feature which might greatly alter the way you surf the Internet.
    By Airaj Fatimah February 17, 2010 

  • Top Chrome Extensions for Twitter

    There are a number of Google Chrome extensions that have been developed especially for Twitter users. While some of these add-ons are great, others aren't much help at all. This list will take a look at some of the best and most popular.
    By Michele McDonough February 10, 2010 

  • Comparing Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

    Thinking of migrating from Firefox to Google Chrome, but unsure? Here is an introduction to Chrome, and how it compares to Firefox.
    By pearlofafrika December 9, 2009 

  • Carry Google Chrome Browser On USB Stick

    The portable version of Google Chrome browser can now be carried on a USB stick and used on any computer without installing it. Read on to discover more about portable Google Chrome browser, its features and download instructions.
    By John Samuel September 27, 2009 

  • Behind the Scenes: What is Webkit?

    The future is looking bright for WebKit as companies such as Google are jumping on board. Continue reading to find out how to take advantage of WebKit and become a part of something much bigger than yourself.
    By Camesha White September 27, 2009 

  • What Are The Advantages of Google Chrome?

    The public release of a new web browser developed by Google called ‘Chrome’ happened in December of 2008 and was based on the WebKit application engine and layout engine. Soon after its launch Chrome gained approximately 1% of the market...
    By Keshav Pai September 17, 2009 

  • Yvette Davis Interview Pt. II

    Here, we continue the interview with co-author of the book Web Geek's Guide to Google Chrome Yvette Davis.
    By Nicholas August 25, 2009 

  • Yvette Davis Interview Pt. I

    Any web guides and how-to manuals can be a lifesaver when trying to figure out software. Many times they will save you a lot of trial and error, and allow you to learn the full ability of the software much quicker then you could on your own.
    By Nicholas August 25, 2009 

  • Memory Usage, How is it Different in Google Chrome?

    Google Chrome introduces a new approach to memory and system resource sharing. Learn how using dedicated memory and dedicated Javascript engines speed enhance your online experience and protect your computer.
    By YvetteDavis June 25, 2009 

  • Google Chrome: A Quick Usage Guide

    Chrome is the new streamlined web browser by Google. It's uncluttered interface looks a bit different at first glance, but it's packed with security and and common sense features that make it simple to use. No learning curve here.
    By YvetteDavis June 18, 2009 
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