Google Books

Google Books has seen its share of controversy, but it is still a popular service for readers. Whether you’re writer, publisher or reader, learn what Google Books can do for you.

Finding an E-Text at Google Books

Google Books online text is a service hosted by Google which lets users search the contents of books and magazines. At this moment, almost three million public domain books are available for free download. Read it to find out.

Transform Your Life with Google Books

Google stoked a lot of emotions when it embarked on its ambitious project to provide electronic versions of millions of books in searchable format. Called Google Books, this service now is an invaluable resource for students, authors, and casual readers who delight in its vast selection.

Google Books Citations for Academic Works

A number of students are finding that they can locate out-of-print and hard-to-find books on Google Books. Citations for academic works can be taken from these books with little difficulty, provided that the citations are formatted correctly within the finished work.