Google Apps for Domains

Google Apps for Domains include different Google applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, and many others–all of them available through your web site. Use Google Apps for Domains for your company or for personal uses. The articles in this series walk you through setting up and using Google Apps for your domain as effectively as possible.

Understanding the Privacy Issues with Google Calendar

People often comment on just how much information Google can gather on people. From search engine results to pictures of their houses the question of privacy concerns is an important one. One of the Google products which has the potential for being problematic is Google Calender. So how safe is it?

What Cad Programs Support Sketchup Export?

Sketchup is the excellent free drafting and design application from Google, which offers many of the functions and features you might expect from a professional CAD application. However there is one drawback. It isn’t immediately clear how you would export your work from Sketchup to another package

How to Install Google SketchUp 8 for Ubuntu

Google SketchUp 8 wasn’t released for Ubuntu, but the Windows version works on Ubuntu in Wine, which allows you to run Windows applications on Linux. Wine isn’t perfect yet, so you’ll have to edit the registry to get past an OpenGL error message before you can use Google SketchUp.

The Top 5 Fun Things to Do with Google Translate

Google Translate can be very helpful to those who want to translate a foreign language to English and vice-versa. There are also plenty of fun things to do with Google Translate, including beatboxing and using chat bots to translate a chat message.

Using Google Translate Online

Most of us only know one language, and that limits the amount of information we can get online – or does it? Google Translate offers a useful translation tool to open up the rest to us. Find out how to use it to its maximum potential.

The Google Art Project – A Gallery Free of Unruly School Tours

Ever wonder what’s it like to see a painting by French Post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin? Want to see close-up works of Leonardo da Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh? Google Art Project has made this possible and the best thing—it’s free. Jean Scheid takes us inside this amazing online art gallery.

Wave Goodbye to Google Wave – Google Wave Discontinued

Google Wave was considered by many to be the future of the web, but as of August 2010 it is no longer being developed. Google Wave was discontinued because it did not see the adoption rate that Google anticipated, with users giving a variety of reasons why they preferred not to use Google Wave.

Orkut Registration Process

Social networking websites are becoming very common nowadays. People use these websites to connect with their friends and family. These websites are an effective way of educating masses and acts as a medium for people living in different corners of the world to interact with each other.