Google Analytics – Free Service to Analyze Online Traffic

If you own a website and are eager to succeed in building an online presence it’s crucial to understand your traffic statistics. What are visitors doing when they visit? How do they enter you’re site, how long are they staying and where do they go when they leave? All these questions can be answered by using the free program Google Analytics. Discover many different articles covering how to start using Google Analytics, information about its features, and tips and tricks for Google Analytics to improve your web site’s traffic.
Thinking about using Google Analytics? First read up on how to get started with Analytics which covers the initial registration, and tells you what information you’ll need to open a Google Analytics account.
Already using Google Analytics? Then maybe you wish you had more control over what is tracked and reported to you. With Analytics, you can learn how to use Analytics’ User Defined options that can be setup with a quick line of code.

Learn about Direct Traffic Sources in Google Analytics Reports

How do you think people get to your website? Well, you know people often use links and bookmarks to get around the internet –so you can use the Direct Traffic report in Google Analytics to find out just how many people are using bookmarks or directly typing your URL in their browsers.

Learn More About Your Visitors with Google Network Properties.

Network Properties will help you learn about your target audience’s Internet connection in three different aspects. Knowing this information will help you determine the content load and media types that your site can handle while still serving your audience as well. Keep reading to find out more.

Learn More about Your Visitors with Google Analytics

Learn about your visitors and their trends with a series of reports on Google Analytics. Using Analytics tools will help you improve your site so you can reach the goals you have for your site. In this article we’ll talk about each of the reports in the Visitors section

Google Analytics Reports: Benchmarking

Compare your site to others in your industry with Google Analytics and the Benchmarking Report. Use it to help you decide what site changes to make, when to run specials, and more.

Customize your Dashboard in Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics can be a very personalized experience, and it should be as your Web site is personalized to you or your business. Let’s talk about customizing the Dashboard in Google Analytics and how it will help you.