Google Analytics – Free Service to Analyze Online Traffic

If you own a website and are eager to succeed in building an online presence it’s crucial to understand your traffic statistics. What are visitors doing when they visit? How do they enter you’re site, how long are they staying and where do they go when they leave? All these questions can be answered by using the free program Google Analytics. Discover many different articles covering how to start using Google Analytics, information about its features, and tips and tricks for Google Analytics to improve your web site’s traffic.
Thinking about using Google Analytics? First read up on how to get started with Analytics which covers the initial registration, and tells you what information you’ll need to open a Google Analytics account.
Already using Google Analytics? Then maybe you wish you had more control over what is tracked and reported to you. With Analytics, you can learn how to use Analytics’ User Defined options that can be setup with a quick line of code.

Google Analytics Helper

Google Analytics is a great helper for webmasters to improve their website by analyzing their visitors. There are nice features that come with Google Analytics to track many aspects of your visitors. Therefore it is a nice tool for you to consider if you are not already using it.

A Guide to Stopping Google Analytics

Bloggers and webmasters can take advantage in using Google Analytics to generate detailed statistics about the visited pages and about their visitors. There are people who do not want Google to track their IP address but stopping Google Analytics is fairly easy. Read this article to find out how.

Is Google Analytics Accurate?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for measuring various aspects of your website’s performance including how people found your site, how they explored it and how you can enhance your site visitor’s experience. But how accurate is it? Read our view about the accuracy of Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is Google’s free website monitoring application. It is designed to be used by webmasters as a way to analyze things such as website traffic, trends, and visitor activity. Find out everything you need to know about Google Analytics.

Learn about the Google Keywords Report

It is important to know what keywords are bringing users to your website. This is where the Google Analytics Keyword report comes into play. With this report, not only will you see the keywords which are working for you, but you’ll be able to learn about your ad campaign and content, too.

Learn More about Your Google AdWords Campaign.

Want to know more about how your AdWords money is doing? The nice thing about Google Analytics is that it integrates nicely with AdWords and provides information to you so you can determine which keywords are providing the biggest ROI.

Learn About Your Sites Traffic with the Referring Sites Report.

Ever wondered about which links to your site are bringing in the traffic? Wonder no more because the Google Analytics Referring Sites help you evaluate the effectiveness of all the links that you have coming into your site. Read on to find out more about this report and how you can use it.

Learn about Direct Traffic Sources in Google Analytics Reports

How do you think people get to your website? Well, you know people often use links and bookmarks to get around the internet –so you can use the Direct Traffic report in Google Analytics to find out just how many people are using bookmarks or directly typing your URL in their browsers.