Google Analytics – Free Service to Analyze Online Traffic

If you own a website and are eager to succeed in building an online presence it’s crucial to understand your traffic statistics. What are visitors doing when they visit? How do they enter you’re site, how long are they staying and where do they go when they leave? All these questions can be answered by using the free program Google Analytics. Discover many different articles covering how to start using Google Analytics, information about its features, and tips and tricks for Google Analytics to improve your web site’s traffic.
Thinking about using Google Analytics? First read up on how to get started with Analytics which covers the initial registration, and tells you what information you’ll need to open a Google Analytics account.
Already using Google Analytics? Then maybe you wish you had more control over what is tracked and reported to you. With Analytics, you can learn how to use Analytics’ User Defined options that can be setup with a quick line of code.

Finding The Best Web Analytics Whitepaper

If you want to delve deeper into web analytics, look no further than professionally written whitepapers. The following five whitepapers are some of the best available to help you understand more about your website’s performance and how to accurately measure traffic and success of your site.

How to Check Your Google +1 Ratings

Learn to check on who is plus one-ing your websites and manage recommendations you’ve made with Google’s plus one button and see how it impacts your search placements and results.

Steps to Remove Google Analytics

Did you know that you cannot remove Google Analytics but you can stop or prevent it from collecting information about your location, your IP address and websites you visit? Find out how you can effectively stop the Google Analytics server from obtaining this information.

Find a Practice Test: Google Analytics Training

To help users get the most out of the Google Analytics platform, Google launched a certification program. Here we help readers find a practice test Google Analytics users can take to prepare for the certification exam.

Adding Google Analytics to Squidoo Lens

Adding Google Analytics to Squidoo lenses had not been possible in the past, as Squidoo does not allow the JavaScript codes used by Google Analytics on its lenses. This step-by-step guide will show you how to install Google Analytics tracking codes without JavaScript on the Squidoo lenses.

How to Use a Google Analytics Helper

Google Analytics helpers give users a hand with Google Analytics and these helper programs benefit the user both inside and outside their Analytics account. Here, you can learn more about two Analytics helper programs for Google that will enable you to work better online.

Using Google Analytics Website Dashboard

The Google Analytics Dashboard is the second page that you see after logging in to your Analytic account & clicking on View Report against your website. The Dashboard is the main section of the Google web Analytics report & there are quite a few things you can do with it. Read more…

How to Get Rid of Google Analytics

Google Analytics will report your personal information and, browsing habits to a Google server. In the following article we’ll discuss how to get rid of Google Analytics.

Understand Blackhat SEO so You Don’t Get Penalized by Mistake

Blackhat SEO is exactly the opposite of white hat SEO. Instead of utilizing organic SEO techniques, blackhat SEO uses techniques that may produce quick results in the web search results or rankings, but those sites often get banned once search engines realize what they are up to.

How to Disable Google Analytics in Firefox

Google Analytics serves as a great marketing tool for web masters but not for common users . Google analytics is a great tool for analyzing web traffic but many people want to prevent their browsers from being tracked and therefore disable Google Analytics. Now Google gives an easy option for that.

Using Google TV Analytics for Effective Advertising

Customers seeking to enhance their traditional media marketing campaigns can now look to Google. By integrating AdWords with a television advertising network, Google offers customers real time data that measures the effectiveness of ads by correlating them with Web site traffic.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a safe form of search engine optimization that will pay off in the long run due to the fact that it requires no tricks or spamming that can get your web site banned or sandboxed.

Explaining Google Analytics Malware Code Issues

Most reports of malware being found in Google Analytics code are largely inaccurate. Hackers sometimes use trick URLs that can fool the eye into believing that they are Google addresses. Even so, there is at least one case of a Google Analytics code being classed as malicious, by Google themselves!