Gmail: Google’s Email Application

What is Gmail? Gmail offers a web-based email application that can be used for so much more. New users can find how to create and setup a Gmail account the way they prefer. If you're still baffled by Gmail's many applications and features come to Bright Hub's Google Channel for tips, tutorials and techniques. Learn how to use Gmail for mail, chat, storage, and many other functions in these articles for the beginner and the more advanced.

How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

You can personalize your Gmail account by adding an email signature that will appear at the bottom of any email that you send. Your email signature can show as much information as you would like it to, including your name, address, phone number and title.

How to Send Emails to a Gmail Contact Group

How to Send Email to a Gmail Contact Group is the third of four articles about Managing Contacts in Gmail. The user will learn how to send Email to an entire Contact Group or only a few contacts within the group, from both the Contact Manager and the Compose window.

How to Delete Emails in Your Gmail Inbox

With all of the storage space provided by Google, there is no need to delete email in a Gmail account. If the want or need arises, however, use this step by step article to learn how to delete any email that is no longer wanted or needed.