Gmail: Google’s Email Application

What is Gmail? Gmail offers a web-based email application that can be used for so much more. New users can find how to create and setup a Gmail account the way they prefer. If you're still baffled by Gmail's many applications and features come to Bright Hub's Google Channel for tips, tutorials and techniques. Learn how to use Gmail for mail, chat, storage, and many other functions in these articles for the beginner and the more advanced.

Gmail Backup Options: How to Backup Gmail with an AOL Account

Since email is one of the most important means of communication today, it’s possible that you will want to backup your email. It’s actually possible to tie two accounts together with just a few clicks and a little email forwarding. Just look here to learn how to backup Gmail with an AOL account.

Guide to Configuring Gmail IMAP Settings

Using IMAP with a Gmail account is possibly the best way to get the most from the popular browser-based free email system from Google. Read on for instructions on its benefits, and how to set it up.

How Do I Sign Up for Google Mail?

Google Mail is free email service from Google – yes, the same Google that runs the famous search engine. Is Google Mail the same as GMail and how do you sign up for a Google Mail account? Read on to find out more about Google Mail and how to sign up for Google Mail…