Google Add-ons for Firefox

Would you like to perform a Google Search from a toolbar in your broswer? Maybe you want to find out exactly what you can do to make your browswer run faster, or play, stop and fast forward YouTube videos from a toolbar in the bottom of the browser? Do this and more with Firefox add-ons made for Goggle. Some of these great tools were created by Google,and others were created by open source developers. Either way, you get a great add-on.

Guide to the Firefox Universe: Find The Best Add-ons at Bright Hub

People love Firefox partially because of the thousands of add-ons, plug-ins and customizations available for the web browser. This table of contents directs readers to the best Firefox resources on Bright Hub. We invite readers to dig in, learn as much as they can and then come back for more.

How to Create and Show Toolbars in Firefox

You don’t have to be restricted by the default features in Firefox – tools are provided for you to create your own custom toolbars for tasks such as printing, editing and managing downloads!

Ways To Reduce Firefox’s High CPU Usage

Find out why Firefox uses so much CPU and learn how to reduce the web browser’s processing requirements. Also, discover the location of CPU usage information for programs and applications on the computer.

Using the Firefox PDF Reader

Become an expert at viewing .pdf documents in Firefox with the following tutorial for the popular plugin. You can also find out what to do when the Firefox .pdf reader doesn’t display files properly.

Learn About Firefox 3 and Web Accelerator Problems

Firefox 3 and Web Accelerator problems proved to be one of the key factors that pushed Google to disband its Google Labs project that aimed to make surfing the Web faster than ever for Windows users with broadband. Read more about the problem here.

Learn the Power of a JavaScript Bookmark in Firefox

A JavaScript bookmark in Firefox allows a script to be called, performing a specific action rather than a traditional bookmark that merely opens up a particular website. Here we learn more about JavaScript bookmarks in Firefox and how they can help the average user.

Using WebDAV: Firefox Add-on Guides

Thanks to WebDAV and a Firefox add-on, online collaboration is a real possibility, and you can access a WebDAV resource with a useful Firefox extension. Find out here how to do it!

Firefox Error Messages: Firefox Won’t Start

Firefox error messages can occur when starting Firefox or when trying to load a website. From errors on your computer to errors on your Firefox profile to installation or network errors and even errors with Firefox’s network settings, each error message points to a specific problem and solution.

Quick Start Guide: Installing and Using Firefox Kiosk Mode

Firefox is able to be set into Kiosk Mode with the help of a simple extension. The extension called ‘R-Kiosk’ will lock down the Firefox browser so that your computer is protected and can only be browsed on. Learn how to download, use and adjust the R-Kiosk and permanently use Firefox in Kiosk Mode.

Try a Bookmark Manager for Firefox and Opera

Here we look at the integrated bookmark managers that come with Firefox and Opera as well as a Firefox bookmark add-on and an external management tool that can help people get more out of their online experience.