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The Best Websites Where You Type in Lyrics to Search for Songs

written by: Anurag Ghosh•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 5/19/2011

There are many song lyric websites where users can type in lyrics to search for a song title, artist, release date, or the entire lyrics. Sites like Lyric Server, Lyred and Lyric Rat lets you type the partial lyric to get the complete lyrics of the song as well as additional information.

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    The Best Song Lyric Search Sites

    There are times when we, self-professed music geeks, hear a melodious number but couldn’t remember the song title or the artist. The tune just doesn’t get out of our head and we furiously search our iTunes music library or a stash of old audio cassettes and CDs to know more about that song. Well, there’s no need to do this as there are plenty of song lyric sites that lets us type in lyrics to search for a song, so even if we just remember the initial few lines or the middle part of the song, we can easily find the song title, the artiste, composer and the release date.

    While users can Google the first few lines of the lyrics to search for the song, the results pages may return sites that have tons of advertisements, pop-ups, and most importantly, wrong lyrics. You may get the entire song, but maybe the site isn’t credible enough to give the right information about the initial lines of the lyrics your typed. You must access the right website that’s less cluttered and offers relevant results. Well, here are some of the best sites that can help music search by lyrics:

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    Lyric Server

    Lyric Server Screenshot This site is quite comprehensive when it comes to searching a song by typing in the partial song lyrics. So, if you just remember the middle part of the song lyrics, type them in the search box, select the “All Keywords" radio button and hit the Enter key to get the entire song lyrics. My song lyrics search for “And when I hurt, hurting runs off my shoulder, how can I hurt when holding you" quickly returned results in a separate tab. The results varied from YouTube sites to other song lyrics websites. I found out the entire lyrics of Elvis Presley’s song (Sweet Caroline) within seconds.

    Lyric Server ( also has a section on the left side that features the Most Popular Lyrics Searches. Overall, the site is less cluttered and has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can find the entire song lyrics of oldie-goldie hits as well as recently released singles and other genres.

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    Lyric Rat

    Lyric Rat - The Most Unique Site Where You Can Type in Lyrics to Search for a Song on Your Tweets This site ( is unique in displaying the entire song lyrics for the partial lyrics typed in by the user. You will have to mention @Lyricrat in your tweet and type in 140 characters of the lyrics and the site will reply with the song title, the link to the entire song and additional info about the song. Alternatively, you can also type in lyrics to search for a song title, artist's name and link to the music video (if present) on the search box. You will also get a link to the Amazon site to buy and download the song.

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    Lyred - One of the Best Music Search by Lyrocs Site This is another great song lyrics site that lets you enter few lines of the lyrics to search for the song title, complete lyrics and the name of the band/artiste. All you have to do is type in lyrics to search for a song, select and hit the Enter key to get relevant results. You can also search songs by typing in the name of Album, or Song Title or the Artist. What’s more, the site also lets you browse for artist or lets you do a quick search by typing in the song title. It also lets users participate in online polls that asks random questions every day, including questions like Who do you think is the best singer or guitarist etc.

    To search for a song by lyrics, type the partial lyrics in quotes (example: “And tears come streaming down your face") to get comprehensive information about the song. The site has les clutter and is very easy to use. The music search by lyrics section is at the top of the web page.

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    ScreenTunes - Type in Lyrics to Search for a Song Do you want to search soundtracks from popular and not-so-popular movies? Screen Tunes ( lets you do that exactly. With a vibrant front page, this site lets you search soundtracks by song, lyrics or the name of the movie. The website combines a nifty LyricsFly API with IMDB soundtrack data to ensure ease in search for a soundtrack.

    In ScreenTunes, you will notice a Search Mode with three buttons. Click on the button of your choice and then type in the song, lyrics or movie name. For example, if you want to type in lyrics to search for a song, then click on the Lyrics button and then enter the partial lyrics in the search box. Below you will see the song title with a Listen button. You can also buy that song from iTunes or Amazon as the site has additional two links to let users purchase the soundtrack.

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