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Telling a Legitimate Google Online Business Success Kit from a Scam

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 6/3/2010

Working a traditional job can be frustrating. Unreasonable bosses, uncooperative coworkers, low pay, and no recognition are all factors that make working at home appealing. Before buying that Google home business kit advertised online, here are some ways to tell a legitimate opportunity from a scam.

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    Beware of Google Scams

    They are on television. They are on radio. They are online. Everywhere you look, you see and hear advertisements that, for a fee, promise to sell you an eBook, DVDs, CDs, or printed material that will show you how to become independent through a Google home business kit.

    These opportunities become more appealing to the public when unemployment is high and wages are being cut. Many people will buy a Google home business kit, only to find that they never receive anything for the money they have spent or they find out that the "home business" is perpetrating the same scam that sucked them in. The key to safety is being aware that not every product that has "Google" in its name is legitimate. Also, not every Web site you find on Google is legitimate. Furthermore, not every work-at-home scheme that is advertised on Google is legitimate. Being safe online includes awareness that many advertised business opportunities are scams that will do nothing but leave the advertiser rich and the buyer poor.

    When it comes to business opportunities, don't let your caution turn to cynicism: there are legitimate ways that Google can be used to help or establish a business. These methods help you avoid the Google home business kit scams, steer you away from those shady eBook ads and help you start a new business or take your existing business to a new level.

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    Google AdSense

    If you want to earn some legitimate money online, you should give Google AdSense a try. This is a program that automatically places paid advertising on your Web site. When creating an AdSense account, you are asked for information about your Web site and then you get to choose the look and feel of the ads that display on your site. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your Web site, you get paid a commission from Google.

    Although AdSense pays just pennies per click, sites with high traffic volume can earn impressive revenue, making AdSense one of the most sought after business opportunities online. The obvious challenge with generating AdSense revenue is getting sufficient traffic to your site. This endeavor can by itself lead to Google home business kits that promise to build your traffic so you can make more money through advertising. AdSense, like every other Google program, is managed entirely online, with no need for a Google home business kit.

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    Google AdWords

    By advertising your Web site using Google AdWords you can build a new business or strengthen an existing one. With AdWords, you create your own ads, which are in turn displayed by the Google AdSense system. You can choose how much you want to pay per click and per impression of your ad and you can limit your advertising to specific geographic regions. As with Google AdWords, you will find that many scammers offer a Google home business kit that promises to bring you instant online success.

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    Learn Legitimate Ways to Profit from Google: Avoid the Google Home Business KitAdvertisements for Google home business kit products are everywhere. The only problem is that most of them are scams designed to enrich the owner. In fact, many Google home business kit scams use people like you to enroll even more people into the scam. Google has initiated legal action against many of these Google home business kit products because they use the Google name and they imply that Google stands behind their products. There are legitimate ways to use Google to earn money. AdSense is a program that pays users commissions for displaying advertisements from the Google network. AdWords can bring more traffic to your site and help you build ad clicks and sell your own products and services. Search Engine Optimization helps people relevant to your site find your site and visit it. Read about how to spot Google home business kit scams and how to avoid them.
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    Google Search Engine Optimization

    Sometimes used as a technique to build AdSense revenue, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another legitimate way to build a business using Google. By learning how to manipulate keywords in Web content, users can attract visitors to material relevant to their searches. Once at your site, users can buy your products and services or click on your AdSense ads.

    If you decide to pursue SEO as a way to generate revenue, you must beware that you will open yourself up to a host of new scam products. While most of these don't call themselves a Google home business kit, many of them promise to give you exciting secret information that will get your site ranked high virtually overnight. Much that is written about SEO is available for free online, so that's probably where you should start. Once you get an idea of how SEO works, you will be better equipped to spot the fake SEO service sites.

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    Listen to Google

    At the end of last year, Google began initiating legal action against people that market easy money programs by implying that they are sponsored by Google. The lawsuit identifies at least 50 companies that advertise a Google home business kit for free and then add fees for materials that are often come with viruses or contain information that is freely available online. According to ABC, some of the Google home business kit scams include (but are not limited to) "Google Adwork, Google ATM, Google Biz Kit, Google Cash, Earn Google Cash Kit, Google Fortune, Google Marketing Kit, Google Profits, The Home Business Kit for Google, Google StartUp Kit, and Google Works."

    Readers should generally beware that most get rich quick, easy money programs are scams, even if they include "Google" in their name. Users interested in earning legitimate income from Google should consider enrolling in the Google AdSense.

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    Where to Go from Here

    The best way to build a business using Google is to learn as much as you can about it. Read and follow free Google tutorials that can help you get started and develop your business. This approach will give you the best chance of success without wasting your time and money with scams.

    The truth is that earning money from Google takes a lot of work. You have to be willing to spend lots of time learning how to get your site listed high up in Google and getting visitors to click on your ads. If you try earning a living from Google and it doesn't work out, resist the temptation to buy scam products and find a different home business opportunity.