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How To Remove Google Chrome Themes

written by: Karishma Sundaram•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 3/29/2010

Themes are used to add a little color and design to an otherwise unremarkable application. Google Chrome is no exception, and has a dedicated gallery. However themes can get dull and sometimes inconvenient. This article deals with removing Google Chrome themes from the browser.

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    Themes Gallery Google Chrome allows for great customization options for the look and design of the browser. There are many ways to customize the browser, from designing one’s own theme to using one of the multiple themes that are available in Google Chrome’s theme gallery. There are various designs and colour schemes, some of which have been commissioned by top notch fashion designers and prolific artists, especially for the browser.

    Installing a theme is very simple; it is merely a question of selecting a theme and clicking the ‘Apply Theme’ button. The .crx file is downloaded and executed automatically by the browser, and the theme is installed immediately.

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    Removing Themes Immediately

    Undo When browsing through the Google Chrome theme gallery, or any other theme repository, the previews do not present an accurate picture of how the theme looks post-installation. The only way to actually assess the quality of a theme’s design is to install it first. After the installation takes place, the user can evaluate the theme based on their criteria, and decide whether or not to retain the theme.

    Once a theme is installed, a dialogue box is displayed underneath the bookmark bar. It posts a message about the success of the installation. On the right, there is a button labelled ‘Undo’, in case the user decides to remove the Google Chrome theme immediately.

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    Using the Customize Menu

    customize menu The most common way to remove themes from the Google Chrome browser is through the Customize menu; which can be accessed through the spanner icon on the right of the address bar. On clicking the icon, the user will see a link labelled ‘Options’. This link will open up a window that can be used to customize various elements of the browser.

    Themes are filed under the ‘Personal Stuff’ tab. The tab is then divided into various sections, and themes are the last section. There is a button to ‘Reset to default theme’, where the currently installed theme is deleted and replaced with the original design of the browser.

    There is also a link ‘Get themes’, which will take the user to the Google Chrome themes gallery. Another way to delete an existing theme is to install a completely different one in its stead.

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    extensions Most themes are not stored on the computer in bulk. They are downloaded and installed in the place of the previous theme. However, there are occasions where the themes are stored on the machine. These are not visible under the Customize menu, and cannot be uninstalled in the manner described above, as they are stored as extensions.

    There are two ways to access the Extensions menu:

    1. Under the Customize menu (the spanner icon on the right of the address bar), there is a link labelled ‘Extensions’.
    2. Type ‘chrome://extensions/’ in the address bar of the browser.

    Both options will open a new tab in the browser, displaying a list of all the installed extensions. Each extension has three options for interaction: a ‘Disable’ link, an ‘Uninstall’ link and an ‘Options’ button. If any theme was saved to the computer, it would appear in the list of extensions. Clicking on the ‘Uninstall’ link will remove the theme altogether.

    Note: This option only works if the theme is stored on the computer. Most of the themes from the Google Chrome themes gallery will not appear in the Extensions tab.