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Using Google Calendar on Firefox

written by: •edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 2/25/2010

Whether you have used Firefox forever but never tried Google Calendar, or you are a longtime Calendar user switching from IE to Firefox, there are a few things to know that will help you enjoy and get the most out of Google Calendar on Firefox.

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    Benefits of Google Calendar

    There are many reasons why you might want to try Google Calendar on Firefox. First, it is free so even if you do not like it you are not out any money. It is easy to connect to and you can do so from any computer. In addition, you can share your calendar with anyone, not just those on your server. Read Getting The Most From Google Calendar and 5 Reasons to Use Google Calendar to learn more about the features in Google Calendar.

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    Getting Started

    Sign in to Google Calendar on Firefox 

    To begin using Google Calendar on Firefox, type into your browser address bar and press Enter. If you already have a Google account, sign in with the email address and password you provided when you created that account.

    If you do not yet have a Google account, click the Create an Account button. Enter your email address and a password for the account. In the Get Started with Google Calendar section, enter your name, location, birthday (for age verification) and type in the verification word provided. If you agree to the terms of service, click the I Accept. Create My Account button.

    Log into the email address you provided and follow the steps in the verification email to complete the setup process and log into your Google account.

    Set up Google Calendar on Firefox 

    Click the Calendar link under My Products or Try Something New and start entering all of your important appointments and events.

    Read Adding a To-do list to Google Calendar, Setting Reminders in Google Calendar and Google Calendar: Creating Multiple Calendars for more help setting up your Google Calendar on Firefox.

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    Error Messages

    There are a couple of error messages you may experience when using Google Calendar on Firefox. Fortunately, the solutions are typically straightforward.

    Sorry, Calendar Is Temporarily Unavailable is one error you might see when using Google Calendar on Firefox.

    Clear cache for Google Calendar on Firefox To resolve this issue, refresh your browser by clicking the Reload Current Page button on the toolbar, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R or Ctrl+F5.

    If reloading the page does not resolve the issue, log out of Google Calendar and close any other Firefox windows you have open. Go to the Tools menu and click on Clear Private Data or Clear Recent History. Make sure that the Cookies and Cache check boxes are selected (you can select any others you choose, as well). Click Clear Private Data Now. Wait for the process to finish and then log back in to Google Calendar.

    Another error you may experience is Redirect Loop Flock Has Detected That the Server is Redirecting the Request for This Address in a Way That Will Never Complete. If you see this error, go to the Tools menu and select Options. Go to the Advanced tab of the Options dialog box and click the Network tab. Click the Clear Now button.

    Next, go to the Privacy tab of the Options dialog box. Click the Show Cookies button to open the Cookies dialog box. Find the Google folder in the Site section of the window and click the Remove Cookies button. Close the dialogs and log into Google Calendar on Firefox to enjoy all the benefits and features the calendar has to offer. Google in Firefox Errors