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Understanding Google AdWords - Who is it Suited to?

written by: Nicholas•edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 3/2/2010

Contemplating on whether or not to use Google's AdWords service for your website? For some people, AdWords is an ideal advertising solution. For others, not so much. This article helps you to understand AdWords and gives information on who it will work for best.

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    About AdWords

    Who should use Google AdWords? It depends. But, before you even get started, it's best to get a full understanding on how AdWords works. We have a great article that explains the basics of using Google AdWords. After you have read that, you can decide if Google AdWords is best for you.

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    You Should Use Google AdWords for Your Website If...

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    Really, anyone can use Google AdWords. However, it will do much more for some websites than others. Check out the following "who should use Google AdWords" to learn more.

    You should use Google AdWords if...

    - Your website is an online business and/or you are trying to make money with your website. AdWords is an advertising program right? And what's one of the most crucial pieces to running a successful business?.. Advertising. AdWords is effective for online businesses because it's a Google service. Because Google is the most widely used search engine, AdWords is one of the best "search engine" advertising services.

    - You have a brand new website or blog. When just starting out, you are not going to get a ton of traffic to your website or blog. Most of the time, it takes months, or, even years to get listed on the first couple pages of Google. AdWords will help you get started because it gives your website a premium listing within Google. Your website will be toward the top, or right of Google search results within the "Sponsored Links" section. Even if you only use AdWords for the first couple of months, it will let people know about your new website. This will allow you to get regular visitors and subscribers. Ever notice that the videos on the front page of YouTube get millions of views, where most other videos get thousands? That's because of premium placement.

    - You are having a difficult time getting traffic to your website. Even if you have had a website for a while, you still may not be getting the traffic you deserve. This is most likely due to the fact that your website is in a highly competitive niche. If there are a thousand other websites out there, with a similar cause to yours, it can be extremely difficult to be in the top 50 (on the first 5 pages of search results). And if you are not on the first 5 pages of Google, more than likely you will not be getting many visitors from search engines. AdWords gives you a "Sponsored Links" listing, which puts you at the top, or directly to the right of search results.

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    You Should NOT Use Google AdWords for Your Website if...

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    You should not use Google AdWords if:

    - You don't plan on monetizing your website. There's really no reason to spend money for AdWords if you aren't going to be making any money.

    - You already have a strong pagerank. If you're website is listed within the top 10 of Google search, AdWords is not worth it. Why pay for premium placement when you already have it? You don't need to have a premium listing at the top of a search results page, plus the first regular listing. It defeats the purpose.

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    Those are our recommendations on who should use Google AdWords. Although AdWords will always benefit you. The amount that it will benefit you is what makes it worth it or not. Hopefully you now know if AdWords is a good choice for your website or blog.