Troubleshooting Web Elements

What is a Google Web Element?

Google Web Elements consist of a series of Google products that can be added to personal websites. All elements are powered by Google's Developer APIs (Application Programmable Interface).

Available Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements – consist of a series of Google products that can be added to personal websites. All elements are powered by Google's Developer APIs (Application Programmable Interface).

Available Google Web Elements include:

Google Calendar: a simple calendar that can keep track of important dates

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Conversation Element: website visitors can post comments on the website using this tool

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Custom Search: provides a search feature for the website

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Google Maps: can help track a location

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Google News: displays news on chosen topics

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Available Google Web Elements (cont…)

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Google Docs Spreadsheets: just like for presentations, users can post a spreadsheet

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Google Docs Presentations: allows the posting of presentations that can be viewed directly from the website

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YouTube News Element: links to YouTube videos

More will likely be added in the future by Google as they do enhance a user's Webpage. With Google Web Elements, users may see an increase in website visitors.

Working with Google Web Elements

Note: All users must do to use any Google Web Element is to add or embed the desired Google product to their website. This is done by including a Google code into the webpage. The code is provided by Google, and the user simply performs a copy and paste action of the wanted element.

Google Web Elements can be obtained in 3 easy steps; here's how:

  1. Go to the Google Web Elements site
  2. Select the product of choice to include on the website
  3. Copy and paste the code provided by Google into the webpage

As a user might realize, it's quite simple to include Google Web Elements to his or her website. However, here are a few suggestions:

  1. To run a Google Web Element, ensure the right source code is placed into the web page
  2. Become familiar with Google APIs and Tools
  3. Seek help from Google's Website
  4. Search online blogs for other users who work with Google Web Elements for additional assistance

Here's an example of how to set up and use the Google Web Element Calendar:

  • Go to Google Web Elements
  • Click Calendar
  • Copy and Paste the code into your webpage (see below for an example)

<!– Google Calendar Element Code –><iframe frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" border="0" style="border:0;margin:0;width:300px;height:300px;" src=";showTitle=0&amp;showTabs=0&amp;showPrint=0&amp;showCalendars=0&amp;wkst=1&amp;element=true&amp;" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There are a number of common issues that can be easily fixed without contacting Google developers for help.

Page not refreshing:

If news or posts are not getting updated in your webpage, then maybe your web browser is not displaying the live page but a cached version of it. Clear the cache and refresh; the page should be updated.

Custom Search gives "forbidden" error

It's probably not a code fault, but it might be your AdSense account that has been rejected for some reason.

Trouble with Maps

Incorrect displaying of maps could be due to a number of reasons. Before asking for help, there are a few steps that can be taken:

– Enable JavaScript and Active X

– Update DirectX

– Clear the cache of your browser

– Check the security settings of the browser

Google Docs

There are several known issues with the Spreadsheet and Presentations. Luckily, Google provides a "comprehensive troubleshooter" that can help sort things out.

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