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Understanding Google Finance

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 7/12/2009

Here we take a closer look at one of Google's not so popular and yet very useful web services - Google Finance. Looking at Google Finance's key features and sections.

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    Google Finance Features

    Google Finance is a specialized web portal offering financial-related information including stocks, mutual funds, public and private companies. It is a very useful online service for managing your financial information online with the help of licensed content provided by Google's financial data providers.

    Among the key features of Google Finance are:

    Search Features - Google Finance allows you to search for information on stocks, mutual funds and other financial related information using company names as well as ticker symbols.

    Interactive charts - Google Finance provides interactive charts showing correlation between market data and news stories on certain time periods. It is useful for determining whether a particular news stories have affected the stock performance of a specific company.

    Finance-Related News - This is one of Google Finance's major strength. It gives you financial-related news culled from Google's very own News Service. Finance news items are grouped together by topics. It also features company-related stories providing company summaries and other relevant information. Google Finance News also allows you to review news stories by month and by importance.

    Company Management Team - Google Finance also provides you with valuable information about different companies. It provides for a good information resource when researching for the whereabouts of companies. You can find links to biographies of a company's top honchos as well as compensation details and trading activities of companies.

    Discussion Groups - For its collaboration feature, Google Finance also provides a lively discussion groups with efficient moderators who make sure that the flow of discussions are spam-free and as lively as possible.

    Portfolios - Google Finance also lets you build your personal finance portfolio of stocks and mutual funds.

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    Google Finance - Sections

    Google Finance is composed of various sections which provides different sets of information These sections are - trends, market summary and sector summary, discussion groups, news, charting feeds and blogs, quotes and Ads on Google Finance.

    Trends provide you with information on the biggest movers for the day based on popularity, price, mkt cap and volume of stocks traded. Market summary and sector summary gives you detailed information about percentage increases and decreases for a given sector. Discussion groups are a great way to communicate and interact with other Google Finance users. Finance News provides top finance stories and news related to portfolios. Google Finance also taps on blogs and RSS feeds for other sources of financial-related news. Quotes give you information about previous stocks that you most recently viewed. And finally Google Finance, just like other Google properties has targeted ads which are as relevant as possible to the finance items

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    Other Things You Need to Know About Google Finance

    Google Finance also offers various personalization options to make your experience even more fruitful and well suited for your own needs. To utilize its personalization feature you must have an existing Google account. Once you have a Google account, you can start personalizing your Google Finance service by comparing related companies, changing how you view financial charts, and even creating your own portfolio.

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