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Do You Know Everything About AdSense?

written by: •edited by: Mark Muller•updated: 10/13/2011

Whether you're someone who clicks adverts or you display them on your website, see if you can distinguish between CPM and CPC with our Google AdSense Quiz and test your knowledge of the advert serving network!

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    Google's AdSense advertisement serving network for websites and blogs is free to use and can potentially earn you enough money to live on.Adsense Reporting Page  A complete product, AdSense can be used on a simple, ad-by-ad basis or as a fully-fledged campaign management system.

    Remarkably easy to use, you can test your knowledge of AdSense below and perhaps learn something new!

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    What Do You Know About Google AdSense?


  • Author's own experience as an AdSense publisher.
  • Photo provided by author.
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