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Download and Install the Firefox Hebrew Localization Language Pack

written by: Aaron R.•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 2/23/2011

Firefox offers a number of options on language support for its program. Its open nature means that add-ons are readily available for most users' needs, including those wishing for the Firefox Hebrew localization language pack. Read on to find out more!

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    Firefox Basics

    The Firefox Hebrew Localization Language Pack Download Firefox is a very good browser that should suit the needs of most users. It tends to be quite fast, quite safe and very customizable. You can usually get add-ons for just about everything you want to do.

    An important part of customizing your browser is naturally going to be giving yourself the language options that you need. This particular guide will cover how you can download and install the Firefox Hebrew localization language pack, although the basic steps can extend to just about any other mainstream language with coverage from Firefox.

    There are two easy ways for you to take care of this. You can download the localized version of Firefox, or download the necessary language tools.

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    Downloading the Firefox Hebrew Version

    You can download the fully localized version of Firefox through the official download website. This can be reached by visiting this web page. This offers a full list of the various versions of Firefox that are available.

    The Firefox Hebrew localization language pack is in the alphabetical list. You can get a localized installer by clicking on the appropriate download link and following the installation instructions. It should be fairly simple, and mainly require you to click the next button until everything is in place.

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    Downloading the Firefox Hebrew Language Pack

    Firefox offers a number of language packs for their browser, for those that want to change their existing setup.

    Unfortunately, there is not a full language pack for Hebrew at the time of writing this article. There is a dictionary pack that can be downloaded, however, if you want Firefox to understand and allow spell checking for Hebrew text. This is an official pack, so it should be suitable for all users. It can be downloaded through this link. This is also an alphabetic list, so just go to the appropriate spot and click on the link for the dictionary. Installing add-ons is fairly easy. Confirm that you wish to download the add-on, allow the installation, follow the instructions, and then restart the browser.

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    Other Hebrew Localization Options for Firefox

    There are several other unofficial add-ons that can offer better Hebrew localization for your browser.

    First, you can download a simple Hebrew calendar add-on that will add the Hebrew date to your browser toolbar. You can find the download here.

    Second, you might find it useful to just have a translation add-on for your Firefox browser. Babelfish offers a simple add-on, but my loyalties personally go toward gTranslate. This is the add-on version of the Google translate interface. It's obviously quite versatile and is great for all translation needs, but offers suitable Hebrew translation. Note, that it is a computer trying to translate language, so it will be far from perfect. It can be downloaded through this link.

    Third, you can also get a tool for quickly changing your keyboard layout for use in the browser. AnyKey offers a number of layouts, including Hebrew, which allows you to type in the Hebrew language. You can find the download link here, although it may not be fully compatible with Firefox 3.6.

    These tools and add-ons should be fairly helpful if you want to further localize your Firefox browser for the Hebrew language.

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