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I began doing yoga at a chiropractor's insistence while leading a sedentary desk job life. That was back in 2008. Now I think everyone should experience the eye-opening wonders of yoga.
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Parshvakonasana Yoga Pose (Joseph Renger, CC-A-SA 3.0)Yoga has fast become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the western world. Originally introduced from India, yoga is both a series of stretching exercises via poses called asanas, and a philosophy about reaching enlightenment. Because yoga developed in India, aspects of Indian culture, language, and religious beliefs are often found in traditional yoga teaching methods. However, yoga itself is not a religion and the basic philosophies work just as well within other religions including Christianity.

In our modern world with its many office jobs, yoga is a wonderful way to stretch out the muscles of the back, legs, and whole body after sitting still for hours on end. Learn about all aspects of yoga as it fits into modern society, its health benefits for people of all ages from beginners to advanced, and the various types of yoga like ashtanga, kundalini, kripalu, and more.

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