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I think in my entire life, I've only been to my former local YMCA once or twice, though I could see the appeal of having some place to go to after school for many. Of course, as someone who had a place to go, it's sad to see funding for these types of programs going to the wrong hands and people.
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Though popular through the famous Village People song, the YMCA (or Young Men's Christian Association) has long been associatedGuide to YMCA - US Logo with providing a place for children and adults to go in times of greatness and hardships. It may surprise people to learn that the YMCA is not an American organization, but an English one, first founded in 1844 in order to put Christian values into practice. Of course, with 45 million members in 125 international locations, the ideals have changed slightly in order to encompass people from all backgrounds.

In this guide, we'll take a look at the YMCA, from it's beginnings in London to how it helps youth of today. And yes, we'll talk about what the song really means.

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