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WYSIWYGIf you've ever started a website, blog, or worked with a forum, you may have run across a WYSIWYG editor. These editors allow you to add the formatting to the text (sometimes called "rich text") and insert images without having to enter any code. The clever (but lengthy) acronym actually stands for "What You See Is What You Get." These editors are great for those who have a hard time envisioning what their designs will look like behind the code, as well as tend to be quite a bit faster to work with. Bright Hub has a collection of articles that help you understand different WYSIWYG editors as well as walk you through the process of using them.

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    What is TinyMCE?

    TinyMCE is a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor created in JavaScript and can be easily implemented in virtually any website. Learn more about what TinyMCE is and how you can...

    Composing HTML Emails on Thunderbird

    HTML e-mail is here to stay, although it has drawbacks. Find out what HTML e-mail is, its benefits and disadvantages, the benefits of Thunderbird as a desktop e-mail client, the advantages of HTML e-mail...

    How To Insert a PDF In Joomla

    Seeking information on how do insert a PDF into Joomla? Doing so is a simple procedure. Any one with basic Joomla knowledge can insert a PDF file in Joomla article. Read on to find out how......

    Adding a Facebook Feed to a Joomla Website

    So you run Joomla as your CMS, and you'd like to show some of your Facebook feeds directly on your website? No problem! This quick tutorial will show you exactly how you can easily add a Facebook...

    Writing an HTML Game with a WYSIWYG Editor

    As a kid, you may remember reading books that required you to choose all the actions a hero takes or playing a click-adventure game on a computer. By setting up a format that works similar to a basic website...

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What is Xinha?

Xinha, pronounced Xena, like the Warrior Princess, is an open source in browser WYSIWYG editor. Read on to find out more about how you can use this program in place of or in conjunction...

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