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2987926396 87eb3c3494Developing good writing skills and habits is not only important for success in school, it is an essential part of one's success in life. From book reports to job applications - writing skills not only speak to one's level of education, they can also project an image of the person as a whole. Bright Hub's panel of expert writers and editors have compiled a collection of resources designed to help teach and develop solid writing skills for individuals of all ages and abilities. Search the articles provided below for information and links to the most popular articles on the web.

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Latest Articles on Writing Skills
Why Blogging Should Be Part of Your Job

You don't have the time or inclination to blog. Why should you be expected to do it? I'll tell you why!...

Writing as the Medium in Distance Education

Writing is the primary tool used in any distance education program or course. In this article, we will cover why writing is so important, what your writing says about you to your professor...

Tips on How to Sell a Screenplay

Knowing how to sell a screenplay takes more than just charisma and business savvy. It starts with writing quality material and interacting with other people in the movie industry, especially...

Is Writing Teachable or a Talent?

This article examines whether it is possible for teachers to instruct students how to write or whether writing is a natural-born talent....

Most Popular Articles on Writing Skills
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Help students explore their thoughts about the future and their dreams via journal writing. This article contains sample writing prompts for students....

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This article will discuss distance learning journalism courses, as well as what is involved and the career outlook. Read on to learn more....