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When I was playing, my game was loaded up with addons. There is an amazing difference between playing with addons and without, especially when doing dungeons or raids. I've gotten so in the habit, that any MMO I play, I immediately check for addons.
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Guide to WoW Addons: Opinion & Commentary

Any player doing World of Warcraft knows that a little help can go a long way, especially when playing in groups or in instances andGuide to WoW Addons: Recent & Popular Commentary raids. While many current players are aware, many new players may not know aobut addons. These downloadable elements can be added to WoW to enhance your gameplay. These include things that can help with the Auction House (Auctioneer), help with your specific class (Shock & Awe or Holy Hope), and even those that change your interface and aciton bars (Bartender).

Here, we'll take a closer look at WoW addons and how they can help your gameplay, as well as popular addons for action bars, the interface, classes, and even chatting.