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Search Morgue FileThe world of human resources and the work place is a very wide world indeed. If you’re an employer, employee or a student looking to break into the working environment, this is the place to find the latest information on HR trends, and rules and policies for both employers and employees.

Our work place guide also offer free templates and samples on how to write an employee handbook, set up company policies, employee warning templates, how to deal with unemployment claims and what employee insurances are required. Understand how the Family Medical Leave Act works and what your rights are along with the latest on wage and hour laws.

A select team of Bright Hub writers have also put together team building ideas, tips on employee burnout, and even how to choose the right team members using Six Sigma! Find out how to legally terminate an employer/employee relationship or the rules on how to pay employees on commission along with forms and templates you can download and modify to fit your needs—all free of charge in our exclusive work place guide.

Learn how to make your office more ergonomic or eco-friendly along with top training centers for seminars or degree specific colleges or universities near you. You’ll be sure to bookmark our guide to the work place and because it’s 100% free, you’ll find browsing our topics will answer your questions whether you’re an employer, employee or just new to the workforce. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a comment and we’ll get your topic covered right away in this guide to everything you want to know about human resources or how to improve your working environment.

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