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Guide to Word 2007 Document Tips and Troubleshooting

Word 2007 Document

Word 2007 has advanced tools and enhanced features not available in previous versions of the Microsoft Office application. When a familiar program changes, though, it can be challenging to find and learn how to use the new bells and whistles. Whether you are a Word expert and simply need a hand finding formatting features or page layout settings or you have never used Word and need help from the outset, or you have a Word 2007 document that is damaged or problematic, you will find tutorials, troubleshooting tips and tricks in the articles in this guide.

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Need Some Flair in Your MS Word Document? Try Adding WordArt

Microsoft Word WordArt is a wonderful tool that can be used to liven up your document with color, special effects, and visual dimension. WordArt is especially useful when creating flyers...

Designate a Default Save Location for Word 2007

If you frequently save your Word 2007 documents to a specific folder, you can easily change Word 2007 to automatically select this location each time you save a document. I will also...

Printing Portrait and Landscape Pages in the Same Word 2007 Document

Printing two different page orientations in the same Word 2007 document can be difficult to set up. Learn how to print portrait and landscape pages in the same Word 2007 document....

Positioning Objects in Microsoft Word 2007

If you’re having trouble trying to align objects in Microsoft Word 2007 documents, it’s a good idea to turn on the layout grid and let it help guide your positioning. Here...

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Saving Word 2007 Documents as an Older Version of Word

There may be times when you will need to send Word 2007 documents to someone who has an older version of Word. In this tutorial, you will learn how to save your Word 2007 documents...

Inserting Captions in Microsoft Word 2007

The caption feature of Microsoft Word 2007 lets you label, number, and provide descriptive text for images and other objects in a document. You can even choose to have captions automatically...