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I can't say if I've used witch hazel, however in doing research for this guide introduce, I've probably taken elements of it within medicine for a variety of elements.
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Guide to Witch Hazel

When you think of witch hazel, do you envision a medicinal cure for ailments or the cartoon character popular in both Disney and LooneyGuide to Witch Hazel Toon cartoons? Witch-hazel is actually a plant that grows from Nova Scotia to that of the US and Canada; the abstracted oil from the plant is used for a variety of purposes.

What does witch hazel do? Well, in this guide, we'll give you the lowdown on the plant itself, where it grows, and how the oil is extracted. In terms of the oil itself, it's used in a variety of different medicines to help soothe abrasions and burns; we'll look at how the oil can be used and its history of providing a temporary cure for cuts.

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