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If you are seeking to learn more about Windows Vista, you have come to the right place. This Windows Vista user guide will direct you to any information you require. You can find out how to have fun with and customize your desktop using Vista gadgets, screensavers and desktop themes. If you are experiencing problems with your system, look through the numerous troubleshooting articles to find the one that addresses your issue. These guides will walk you through the steps you need to take to resolve any Windows Vista problems. In addition, you can find dozens of Windows Vista tutorials, complete with easy-to-follow instructions and vivid screenshots to make learning even easier.

Latest Articles on Windows Vista
Why You Should Stop Hating Microsoft

Everybody knows that Microsoft has done some bad stuff in the past... but over the past few years they've worked hard to shed the image of a corporate monster in favor of innovation...

How to Change the Language in Windows Vista

Here you will find in a nutshell what you really need to know about language packs in Microsoft Windows Vista editions: the difference between a Language Interface Pack (LIP)...

Can I run Linux like Linux, but with the look and feel of Vista?

There have been long conversations bouncing around online communities about making Linux run like Linux (i.e. stable and fast) but look and feel like Windows Vista. So we thought...

Here’s why you should consider switching to Windows Vista for more security

Windows security has been given high priority in Vista development. The ten top security reasons to use Windows Vista will show why Vista is the most secure desktop operating system...

Most Popular Articles on Windows Vista
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    How to Make a Bootable Disk in Vista

    Need a backup method to start a Vista PC? Creating a bootable disc in Vista is not as easy as in previous versions of Windows, but it can be done. This article tells you how....

    What to Do if Your Lexar Jump Drive is Not Recognized

    If your Lexar jump drive is not recognized by the computer, then you can try the steps we have suggested here. If you properly follow these steps, you will hopefully be able to overcome this irritating...

    Recovering a Lost User Profile in Windows XP

    When you first log on to Windows, it creates a profile for you in a folder. If you ever lose the Full Control permission for this folder, you may find that your files are missing or face various other...

    Loading Up Windows Safe Mode on a Dell Desktop Computer

    Sometimes it is difficult to get Dell desktop computers to go into Windows Safe Mode. Learn how to fix this problem and successfully start up Safe Mode from within Windows....

More About Windows Vista
Taming Windows Vista - Restore, Monitor Management & More

Here is a description of some more vital flaws in Windows Vista and effective remedies to overcome these drawbacks...

How to Tweak Windows Vista for Faster Internet Speeds

If your Internet connection seems slow, there are ways to tweak Windows Vista to achieve faster speeds. Find out about the best methods to surf the web faster in Windows Vista....

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