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Windows Update - Why Does it Want Attention?

People write programs. People are imperfect. Windows is a very large program written by many people, and imperfections show up on a regular basis. Windows Updates provide patches to fix the imperfections in Windows. With the vast number of people using thewindows updates iconWindows OS, problems appear that were not seen when software was written and incorporated into Windows.

Because Windows is so prevalent, malicious type hackers also try to take advantage of imperfections in the operating system to do anything from sending silly messages onto people's computers to stealing personal and financial information. It is also possible for programs called Trojans to take control of your computer and use it to the advantage of of cybercriminals.

Windows Updates attempt to close up the cracks by which others can affect your computer, and also to make sure the programs that are part of Windows work correctly. While every Windows Update provided is for a patch or fix of something, it is essential to download and install Windows Updates that are security updates, as they protect you from malware. Tuesday of every month Microsoft sends out a number of security updates, and if a pervasive danger is found between cycles, they will release additional updates.

If you ever have trouble installing Windows Updates onto your computer, the Windows Update interface will show you an error code. Bright Hub articles can explain what errors mean, and how to fix issues that are preventing updates from downloading or installing.

Microsoft will provide you free support to troubleshoot any problems you have installing security updates.

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