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The Complete Guide to the Windows Registry

Windows Registry LogoIt is common for applications to require the ability to save, load and modify custom data such as user preferences and application settings. The Windows Registry provides a central database that can be used to maintain information about the Windows operating systems and the applications that are run on it.

The Windows Registry is made up of a hierarchical tree of keys, with each key optionally containing a number of values.

There are literally thousands of configuration options that can be set in the registry, and some of these can only be set by manually editing the keys and values stored in the registry. Editing the registry is done through a tool called the Registry Editor (run via the regedit.exe executable).

This guide reviews some of the customizations that can be made in the Windows Registry, looks at the tools that can be used to clean and troubleshoot the Windows Registry, and shows you how you can perform registry backups and restores.

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