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I have adopted this guide because Windows Defender can come in useful as a complementary anti-malware program in addition to your antivirus protection. Furthermore, Windows Defender is built-in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and can run concurrently with many pieces of AV software!
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Guide to Windows Defender

Windows-DefenderWindows Defender is an integrated antimalware program found in Windows Vista and Windows 7 which provides both, real-time protection as well as scanning capabilities including quick, full and custom scan. Windows Defender can run standalone or co-exist with other anti-virus software in which case it can be useful for protecting against spyware and potentially unwanted programs, which by exact definition are not viruses. To access Windows Defender, type Defender in the search box and hit enter. Check out the tools menu for options, quarantined and allowed items - Windows Defender can be a useful addition to your anti-malware arsenal!

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