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I have luckily never had an accident with a Wii-mote, though I did knock myself in the head while playing Wii baseball. I was lucky enough to have purchased a Wii after the mandatory Wii strap and cover came out.
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Guide to Wii Remote Accidents: Recent & Popular Commentary

You think it won't happen to you and before you know it, that mighty swing or pitch has landed your Wii remote into your TV. Before the Guide to Wii Remote Accidents: Recent & Popular Commentaryapplication of the Wii strap, the new Nintendo console had several real world Wii remote accidents, though luckily a good majority were more hilarious than tragic, though the tragedy in which so many TVs had to die is sad.

This is a guide to Wii remote accidents brought to you by expert gamers and writer of Bright Hub. Read popular commentary, cautionary tales and safety tips to avoid a tragic accident yourself.