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I admit, I was part of the hype when the Wii came out and ended up purchasing one a few months later. While I did enjoy the games I played, I have to admit that my focus soon turned to that of the more 'adult' consoles, like the 360. I found the Wii to be more family orientated overall
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Wii Game Articles & Topic Guide

Since it's introduction in 2006, the Nintendo Wii has changed the scope of the video gaming world, by showing players that you didn'tWii Game Articles & Topic Guide need to sit on the couch to play a game. The typical Wii game also introduced the concept that hardcore gamers aren't the only people that play; in a sense, the Wii introduced a whole new set of players to the world of video games, bringing back family game nights and even introducing gaming to that of the older generation.

In this guide, we'll take a look the Wii game and not just one Wii game, but those that make up the entire Wii catalogue. Don't worry hardcore gamers, there are games in here for you too.