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Wii Game Reviews

Wii Game ReviewsWith its unique controller, Wii revolutionized gaming. Subsequently, several games were released exclusive for the Wii or were ported from different platforms. Gamers felt the need of Wii game reviews and every website that previously had a section devoted entirely to PC or Console had a separate section for Wii, which included guides, walkthroughs, cheats and tips besides reviews.

Brighthub also has a nice compilation of some of the latest Wii game reviews. The separate Wii channel showcases both old and new Wii games, including Galaga, Dokapon Kingdom and GRID. It also has exclusive hands on previews on some of the latest Wii titles and hot picks on RPGs and Sports titles. This guide covers every Wii game review a gamer wants and tries to give a sneak peek on unreleased Wii games.

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