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I like WebMD and use it not only for research purposes but that of health purposes as well. While I know this can't be a substitute for seeing a doctor, it's a very cheap alternative to gauge whether or not I'm truly sickly or just allergic to something.

Guide to WebMD

As more and more of our social lives appear online, it shouldn't be quite a surprise that medical treatments are also online. In this time ofGuide to WebMD economic hardships, many people may not have the luxury of being able to go into a doctor or urgent care, especially if the symptoms are minor compared to what they would normally go in for. Enter WebMD, a website chalk full of useful tips and information on a variety of illnesses, as well as their treatments, and some advice from actual doctors.

We'll take a look at WebMD, as well as some articles that provide helpful health relate tips for dieting, weight loss, home rememdies and more.