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I think every gamer remembers the weapons when it comes to remembering a video game. The better the weapon, along with characters and storyline, are probably the most important reasons why a game does well or at least is retained in someone's memory.
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Video Games Weapons Guide

Jedis have lightsabers. Gears have chainsaw guns. Even Mario has his fire flower. In every action adventure game, the hero of the gameGuide to Weapons is always going to have some sort of weapon at their disposal to help take down the bad guy. Weapons are a major part of video games, from the very simple - such as a flashlight in Alan Wake - to that of the extreme and even violent - like Scorpion's grip wire in Mortal Kombat - these are what we as the players use to take down our opponents.

In this weapons guide, we'll check out some of the weapons that can be used in some of our favorite video games.