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As a member of the Alliance, I have battled the evil that is the Horde, though I guess to the Horde, we're evil (we're not, of course).
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Guide to Warcraft Factions: Recent & Popular Commentary

If you are new to either Warcraft or that of World of Warcraft, you may just be learning about the factions of the game. The two main rivals are that of the Alliance and the Horde, two Warcraft factions that have been against each and even allies since the first Warcraft game. A Guide to Warcraft Factions

This guide to the Warcraft factions brings you the information, tips, articles, reviews, and tricks on playing a character from either the Horde and their races or that of the Alliance and their races. Trust the expert information at Bright Hub, brought to you by WoW experts and enthusiasts.