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As a former player of WoW, I can say that addons make the game decidely easier to traverse, as well as helping players learn more about the game and how to play various aspects of the game.
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Guide to World of Warcraft Addons

How do Warcraft addons help with game play? An addon is usually something that helps the player, either by helping them with theirA Guide to Information on Warcraft Addons characters, helping in navigating the terrain of the game's areas, or even help with keeping in contact with an individual's raid group. There are addons for mapping, for auction houses, shammans, warlocks, priests, for damage control, and others.

This is a guide to information on Warcraft addons, brought to you by the writers, editors, and contributors at Bright Hub, bringing you the useful articles, hints, tips, and tricks on which addons are good for which characters and races, which can help with quests, and more.