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As a consultant, Bruce implements Verisign SSL for clients on a regular basis and uses Verisign registrar and authentication services as well. He is excited about having Bright Hub resources aggregated here as so people can learn more about Verisign and its products.
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The Ultimate Guide to Verisign

This Bright Hub guide to Verisign connects you with the best information available about Verisign and its products. Verisign provides762px-VeriSign.svg leadership inthe field of digital infrastructure security products. Among its offerings are SSL certificates and identity and authentication services, intended to provide safe online experiences with subscriber Web sites, the Verisign Trust Seal, designed to communicate Web site safety measures to visitors, code signing for developers, identity services, defense services and domain services. Through Verisign your company can even become a trusted domain registrar.

For over 10 years, Verisign has pioneered security measures that help millions of users every day browse and shop the Web with confidence. Here the most knowledgeable and experienced authors will tell you all about Verisign as a company, its products and how to use them, and what to do if something goes wrong.

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