Guide to the Verb Phrase: Articles and Lesson Plans for Learning and Teaching Verb Phrases

The Verb Phrase in English: verb phrase is a grammatical form in which a verb functions as the head of the phrase. Other grammatical forms such as auxiliary verbs, prepositions, prepositional phrases, adverb phrases, and determiners appear with the verb to form a verb phrase. In English, verb phrases can perform up to four verbal functions, one adjectival function, one adverbial function, and six nominal functions. In other languages, verb phrases perform fewer, additional, or other grammatical functions. The following grammar guide provides comprehensive answers to even the most complex questions about the verb phrase in many languages including English, Spanish, and Latin through articles, grammar guides, lesson plans, and more.

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Grammatical mood is the expression of modality, which refers to possibility, necessity, and contingency. The subjunctive mood of verbs in English expresses commands, doubts, guesses...

The Basics of Latin Verb Tenses

Like English, Latin has six tenses. However, all of Latin’s tenses are formed with inflections, making their identification more difficult for English speakers. Read an overview...

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