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I am a middle school teacher, and I ask my students to use the Venn Diagram graphic organizer to write comparison and contrast papers. In addition, my students use this graphic organizer to compare and contrast characters from novels to items in a non-fiction piece.
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Get Started Using a Venn diagramVenn Diagram Graphic Organizers: Do you need a graphic organizer to help your students to compare and contrast items or characters from a novel? The Venn diagram is a commonly used graphic organizer that can be used in kindergarten classes and in high school classes. The simplicity of the two connected circles is why it is so user friendly.

The Venn diagram can help teach nursery rhymes, novel themes, historical events, mathematical concepts, etc. Many Bright Hub writers have written excellent lessons on how to successfully use the Venn diagram in the classroom. Some of the lessons are for writing; however, lessons can range from the subject areas of social studies, reading, math or science.



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